Conscience is a powerful property that we’re all lucky to have. It defines the principles on which all dogmas were established and maybe we don’t give it the validation it requires. It’s funny how something as abstract as it could birth a phenomenon as deep as opposites; right & wrong, humans and animals, happiness & sadness, pride & humility, racists and anti racists, rapists and rapee.The list doesn’t end because apparently this noun is very fertile.But if you’ve read this far you probably have an idea what this article addresses.The world has become a facade where you must be apathetic to live at peace with yourself but we’re social beings, that’s impossible. Some consciences are just misinformed.The world’s a big game of dominoes; everything affects everything but we don’t realize it because we’re the tiles and not the players.Our existence subjects others to a life of sadness and pain. *Confounded?*Elucidation; From birth we are tagged as someone’s property but there comes a time where we have to be shared with the world.
We’re enrolled in schools and establish connections as we grow.As stated earlier, we’re social species hence our conundrum. It’s only normal to feel a sense of belonging and intimacy. All through this journey we meet people and make people, increasing the audience susceptible to pain when we return to soil. It’s inevitable so if you’re gonna cause someone pain make it worth it.Life is such a powerful asset, the most expensive, it’s precious yet so precarious. I can’t bring myself to understand what would give someone the power to take it away from someone else. Moreover, for reasons as petty as having a shade in one’s skin but I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, should it?I mean, we have persons ‘but-ing’ and ‘if-ing’ cases of sexual assault. After all that has happened within the period of four months you’d expect people to know better.But hey as I said, it all balls down to conscience and theirs have been misinformed.*sigh*…Our lives begin to end the moment we start keeping quiet about issues that matter. We’re all at war here. Being passive about this is more dangerous than putting your life on the line to curb this menace and it’s my prayer that you don’t learn that the hard way.When you want the rainbow you’ve got to put up with the rain. All the best to us all, LGBT (Let’s Get Better Today)

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