Society has created a stereotype regarding introverts which limits their abilities and talents. Although there might be an iota of truth in these thesis it’s worth drawing the line between the hearsay and facts. In this blog post I’d be reacting to some memes about introverts; correcting some flawed perceptions about them and corroborating facts.


😂Okay this one’s actually hilarious! However, this primarily stems from the fact that introverts are usually reluctant to express their true selves for the fear of judgement. For this reason they subconsciously create an impression of themselves to accommodate other persons interests. 


This is quite self explanatory. Introverts aren’t quite good at holding conversations neither are they fans of small talk hence the reason they’re quite reserved because after all, what’s the point. This is taken quite personal by some people but they miss the mark. Regardless of how distant they might seem, they’d always be available when you’re in a pinch. To introverts, your friendship isn’t defined by the frequency of your conversations but the depth.


PRO TIP: If you have an introvert friend and you need something from them, don’t text them ‘hey’, ‘hi’, ‘hello’ or anything else unalarming in that respect. Chances are they have most probably seen it but are not ready to engage in small talk. Go straight to the point: “I need you to help me prepare a CV for a job application due tomorrow.” Your chances of getting a reply are quite probable with this approach. Even if you want to check on them, text with the same energy: “I’m just texting to check on you as it’s been a minute since I heard from you.”


I laughed too hard at this but we have to agree that he has a point😂.


To be honest, it’s just easier for introverts this way. Nothing personal but why subject yourself to the post awkward feeling of socialising.


This is funny but very false!😂 This is a typical example of the flawed percepts people have about introverts. Most introverts are vey talented but perharps they haven’t unearthed their talents. Also, most introverts do a good job of pulling themselves together ie to say they’re quite organised. However, personality types is a spectrum as already stated in my article on personality types (Click HERE to read) hence, there are different types of introverts so not all introverts might relate to a particular meme on here.


Most introverts are not good with names predominantly because the entire time they’re in a conversation with an acquaintance, they’re cursing their luck for having bumped into that person. Also, they’re probably too busy analysing their every action.


Probably the funniest so far🤣 and if you watched this show then you know Ferb was quite the introvert. Honestly though, the introvert doesn’t care.


Friends like these deserve all the accolades. 


Okay this one’s actually the funniest now!🤣 This is too accurate. Introverts are empathetic and for this reason they normally come off as weak. No, they are not weak rather, they put themselves in the shoes of others a little too often. They’d rather not ask for help and suffer alone. It’s not healthy however, it’s more peaceful.


These two go hand-in-hand😂.


The veracity test of this thesis is 99.9%. Personally, when I’m watching a show and it gets too good I stop and when it gets too bad I stop as well because my anxiety begins to shoot out the roof. It puts me on edge because I get an ominous feeling about what is yet to happen and I can’t put myself through that stress😂. It’s easier to watch something with a conclusion I’m already aware of hence I like spoilers, a lot.


Sometimes they dance to the sound of the ringtone. It’s how the person’s name has been saved for me🤣.


Very busy, no questions asked.


Needn’t say anything here. 



This is the song I was listening to on repeat while preparing this blog post👇

(It’s quite relieving for some reason, the acoustics were on point.)


Oh so that’s how Satan was cast down from heaven! 😯🤡


Heavy on daydreaming and recharging.


Please laugh with me😂.


But how did they even get the cat to lie there for the picture?😂….. definitely edited. It must be easier to be an introvert as a cat sigh.


😂 This isn’t exclusively an introvert meme. We could all probably relate to this….at least I think so.




Not responding to texts is occasionally misconstrued as rude but we have to come to terms with the fact people have lives outside of social media. Moreover, nobody owes you fast replies unless of course there is a commitment.


Happens mostly in the shower or spontaneously at 3:00am.


Everything’s basically laid out here.


This is probably the reason why introverts don’t go out in the first place.



Not exactly an exclusive introvert meme.


This is because introverts overthink everything and scrutinise every single detail of their socialisation with people. They’re too conscious of how they behave and when something is overly scrutinised it begins to look absurd.


LUKE 1:37

For with God nothing shall be impossible”



This might just be the biggest misconception people have about introverts. Being an introvert doesn’t make one shy. Everybody is shy once in a while. It’s a normal human trait so tagging introverts as shy is erroneous. Introverts can rise to the occasion when the need be and ace that presentation. They have desires and goals to accomplish and their personality type is definitely not going to be impede the future they have envisaged for themselves. I’ve met many introverts who have pushed past their comfort zone to share their gift with the world. 

I hope this helps you and everyone else who reads this. If you’d want me to write on a topic that bothers you or anything you’d generally want me to write on please reach out to me using any of my social media buttons. Also I’d love to know your thoughts on this article and where you might agree or disagree. All entries are exclusively between myself and you, thank you and be safe!


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