About Me

Greetings! I’m Clarkson Duku-Acheampong, the creator of Clarksonsblog. The inception of this blog dates back to 2019 during my high school years. As an ardent reader, I immersed myself in educating on various mental health topics, which played a pivotal role in my personal growth. Instead of keeping this knowledge to myself, I chose to share it, fostering collective growth.

Balancing my roles as a part-time freelance model and a full-time medical student, I dedicate my leisure hours to the gym, content creation, and modeling. Crafting content amidst a packed schedule fuels my creativity, and I relish the challenge.

For a deeper glimpse into who I am, explore my Thursday Talks collection and meme dumps.

Clarksonsblog aims to be a community dedicated to demystifying psychology and mental health, making these topics accessible to individuals of all age groups. Notably, I’ve observed that my readers connect more when I infuse personal experiences into my articles, hence the birth of Thursday Talks.

My goal is to increase awareness surrounding mental health and establish a digital haven for open communication, fostering shared coping mechanisms. It’s important to note that I don’t claim to possess all the answers – the world evolves, and so do psychology and human ideologies. I thrive on genuine discussions, collaborative learning, and embracing diverse perspectives.

Feel free to stick around and become part of our community. Here, it’s all about positive vibes!