He is scared. About everything!

‘Life is very pressurized and stressful’;

‘He worries about money,

what he’s doing with his life,

whether he’d be successful,

his studies, his intellect, death’;

‘What will he do when he finishes his degree, was it worth it, will he get a job, will his family be proud of the grade he gets….

….if only he could move into a house that allows animals

because he feels like he’s going to need a cat to be a real adult.

’He worries about anything!

Bills, bills, bills…

loosing relationships with old friends,

how to reach his career goals,

where he wants to live,

how to balance his life with his partner’s,

his future, his family’s future,

not ever being financially stable enough

to get married and settle down…DEATH fml.’

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