There are a lot definitions of what it means to live depending on who you ask but basically majority of the world believes that to live you must excel academically, make a lot of money, get married and start a family.
Unpopular opinion: we’d eventually die.
We try so hard to impress the world by trying to reach a status quo we don’t really care about that we end up loosing ourselves. Interestingly when we die, we fade away from the thoughts of these people we’re trying to impress so fast that it’s almost a sin to invest the little time we have here on earth doing what people expect of us instead of what we want.
People have found themselves in various places, fields, groups and cliques because they wanted to enter the limelight of recognition and when they stunt once or twice they can’t go back to being who they really are. Basically they go broke trying to look rich. The truth is we all have different races in life. Some people might have had a very shallow education and regardless they’re making it big time. Others also have a solid educational background with all the qualifications required but can’t find a job. That’s just life, not fair. Never has been and never would be. But if you’re gonna compare yourself to others then you won’t progress. You came alone with your destiny and you’re gonna leave alone with your accomplishments. It all depends on you to make use of what you have been given.
It’s never about what you have or what you possess. It’s about what you bring out. What you do with what you have. Empowering people with that gift you have, that’s what counts as living not the trivial mundane things. We’d leave them all behind one day.
You’re gonna have to dissect the situation and analyze it critically. You must know where you stand as an individual; your background and cut your coat according to your cloth. There’s no shame in being the sheep. Only a mentally myopic person would find this rather preposterous. Have patience in the waiting room. Don’t change you for them. If you’re rejected then let it be. Where you are isn’t your halt, you’re still under construction. Your divine ecstasy of promotion is yet to fall on you. Exhibit a good behavior as you wait for your vindication. Just because it hasn’t happened yet or it’s taking longer than expected doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it, God is equipping you to handle the grace he’s yet to bestow upon you. The grace with which you’re expected to grace someone.
When you learn to lift others and help them get to where they want to be you suddenly stop existing and start living.

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