Currently we live in a society which has placed so much emphasis on superiority in all criteria of socialization to an extent that it has become toxic. We have been blinded by the thirsty desire to have an upper hand in all our endeavors that equality has become obsolete.Have we really considered whether or not misogynistic behavior is being driven by desire for power or it’s fear. It’s ubiquitous to hear males pass chauvinistic comments owing to the great achievements of women only to make them feel insecure of their achievements. In some cases even their fellow females play a role in chastising them; comparison has become a disease. Affirming my point is the numerous human right agencies established in favour of our females as records show that they’re more prone to abuse; Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), trokosi system, widowhood rites, rape and other unrecognized acts of female abuse which go on in homes and offices.Up onto this point I was looking at it from a smaller picture.It might seem exaggerated, quite the contrary. You’re just privileged you can count yourself as one of the lucky few who were begotten to educated elites.

In many parts of the globe, girls are being sold into marriage before the age of 18, FGM is being practised on young girls and in rare cases month old babies, husbands have the legal mandate to prevent their wives from working, daughters and sons do not have equal inheritance rights, countries lack laws which protect women from domestic violence. Why must such inhumane acts be meted out to them for the lame excuse of being females? It progresses to women having fewer opportunities for economic participation than men, less access to basic and higher education and less political representation. Don’t they have enough on their shoulders already with greater health and safety risks?….and when women defy the odds and go beyond the limit society has set for them the world is surprised…..(this is an eyesore!)Girls are being deprived of education because apparently they’re supposed to stay in the kitchen and help their mothers (let’s grow with time and do away with these antediluvian ways of thinking). The repercussions pile up and unfold eventually when an educated man marries a non-educated woman who has no source of income and unfortunately when the man passes away the family doesn’t see the way forward as the man was the only financial backbone of the family. Is it at this point where we must see the importance of girl-child education? Don’t misconstrue my words for feminism, it’s being humane.Our development as a nation is only a mirage unless of course we stop hindering the development of the majority of our human resource (females). If not we will see the promise land but we’d never get there……equality for women is progressive for all.“Gender should be seen as a spectrum instead of two set of opposing ideals. The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” – Dr. Paul Farmer

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