Society has created a stereotype regarding introverts which limits their abilities and talents. Although there might be an iota of truth in these thesis it’s worth drawing the line between the hearsay and facts. In this blog post I’d be reacting to some memes about introverts; correcting some flawed perceptions about them and corroborating facts.




I’m in tears🤣🤣🤣🤣


Where do they even get these pets to act the script😂😂.



Adopted them?!😂


😂😂😂I’ve been laughing for the longest time. The recovery period is sometimes a month long.


Poor Ryan. This anxiety can cause introverts to check if their mics and cameras are off about 100 times a minute.


Introverts and all other personality types for that matter normally compartmentalise their emotions. That is putting off your emotions and not feeling them or dealing with them in the moment for various reasons: no time, not the right place, or probably because they don’t want their negative energy to rub off on others. Regardless, this isn’t right. It’s requisite to deal with your emotions eventually or else they’d come out unbidden in a terrible way. I’d be writing an article on emotions compartmentalisation soon.


This is me everytime I get a positive comment about my blog posts.🙂


😂😂😂this meme is extremely hilarious. This problem is caused by anxiety. When people feel forced to take up certain ‘big’ roles because they’re ‘old enough’.



Let me just put this here. Pros and cons definition: the favorable (Pros) and the unfavorable (Cons) factors or reasons; advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons)


It do be like that sometimes.


This is what he’s probably gonna type: “Hey! Sorry I missed your call, crazy busy🤦‍♂️. What’s up though?”


People might not really understand this trait of introverts but it’s quite difficult keeping a positive attitude when you’re a highly sensitive person.


Sometimes the personalities get into a heated argument about whether or not it’s okay to castrate dogs hence depriving them the right to procreate or forcing them to cross and procreate.


It’s really important to make it clear. You have to make them know what they’re getting themselves into.


Or accidentally packed drugs you don’t have.


😂😂😂😂 the brain cells really can’t cooperate can they?


😂😂😂majority of the time what you’re prepared to tell them they already know, like your name. So what’s left to tell them is the fact that your brain is on overdrive and you can’t seem to get raid of nihilistic thoughts?


This is the most effective way to make an introvert comfortable around you.


😂😂😂😂I – I can’t – lmaoooo.




Trust me she might look lonely but she is having so much fun in her head.


Sigh, funny how people think social anxiety is an ‘excuse’.


But why do they like to use SpongeBob for these memes so much? 😂


They can’t help it!🤣 90% of introverts are HSPs that’s why.


Luke 1:37

Jot that down.


Not psychopaths but they just don’t want to be a burden to others.


Overthinking and anxiety isn’t an excuse and it certainly isn’t anything to joke around with. It’s draining and should be given a lot of attention. Mental health is really important.


Some people really understand introverts and can spot them easily. This mostly happens between two introverts or an extrovert who has decide to adopt an introvert. Check number 4 for clarification on this.


This is basically self explanatory. But yeah these are the perks of being an introvert . Introverts aren’t creatures with psychopathic mentalities. They’re amazing but they certainly have their dark sides. Stay updated for the next article which would discuss the dark sides of introverts.

I hope this helps you and everyone else who reads this. If you’d want me to write on a topic that bothers you or anything you’d generally want me to write on please reach out to me using any of my social media buttons. Also I’d love to know your thoughts on this article and where you might agree or disagree. All entries are exclusively between myself and you, thank you and be safe!


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