I want you reading this to know that no one is perfect. Don’t wish to be someone else because no one is better than you. Appearances are deceitful. We all have our imperfections to deal with, we all have our flaws we are hiding from the world and we all have our addictions. From smoking, to drug and substance abuse, to pornography, to masturbation and to sex. The current youth is suffering because of exposure to modern technology at a very early age. Maybe it’s a good thing or maybe it isn’t. It’s debatable and for that reason I can’t pass a final verdict.

Today you must know that that addiction you’re fighting isn’t greater than you. Listen, it doesn’t even stand a chance against you. You’re way capable of defeating it than you could even imagine. You will never be placed in a ring to fight if you’re just going to be defeated, it’s up to you to give it your all. You’re destined to pass through this phase victoriously and feel good about yourself, to help boost your self confidence. But here’s the twist, if you don’t make things work as planned, if you don’t stand your ground and fight, if you don’t man up to the circumstances and take the bull by its horns and loose and loose and loose without giving up then I recommend you start to write your will because your end has come.Yes it’s an addiction and it won’t be easy to overcome it God knows,I know, you know, we know. What matters is your effort not the results. You must learn to care about yourself and what you love most and realize that you’re destined for greatness. Learn to love yourself and don’t compare yourself to anyone but your old self. Ask yourself everyday, “Will who I was ten years or twenty years ago be proud of who I am now?”I know your frustration and the anguish you feel and sometimes suicide seems like the best alternative but no, that’s you deceiving you.Everything has its time. But your time is now. It’s time you extricate yourself from the chains and colts holding you down. Strike now while the iron is hot or wallow in your own misery.The ball is in your court…

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