As teenagers sometimes our faith just dissipates and we start to feel uneasy about ourselves. We try so hard to meet a standard we’re probably even better than but it’s the trend so we go with it. It’s normal anyway. We are fully responsible for our actions and inactions. Our greatest fear as teenagers is loosing our parents but surprisingly this is when we become very deviant and curious, that’s also very normal….hormones are raging. Again, our teenage years is when we become very spiritual…..we have so many fears at this stage that we subconsciously realize the importance of seeking protection from God for ourselves and our parents. Our eyes are opened to certain realities of life specifically certain adversities. I understood death and life better at this stage. I developed a whole new perspective of these two terms. There is no life without death and there is no death without life. These two go hand in hand. They are inseparable just as there is good and evil ( Without good how do you know whatever you do is evil? ), boy and girl ( Without a female where would male be conceived and without a male how can female be conceived? ), angels and demons ( a demon is an angel condemned from heaven, they are basically the same person ), yes and no ( Without ‘no’ questions wouldn’t exist since other alternatives don’t exist apart from yes )and God and Satan ( If there was no Satan judgement day wouldn’t be something you’re looking forward to. After all life is a test, God is the examiner and Satan is obstacle.) If one fails to exist the earth won’t be balanced , it’ll loose its form. It is during our teenage years that we realize all this and it’s for these reasons why they say there’s a thin line between enjoying your youth and destroying your future.

Have you ever asked yourself why you know all this and yet it doesn’t stop you from going to certain places and doing certain things? It’s just we don’t realize what’s at stake…………….it’s us. We are the major stakeholders. We are the only ones going to suffer if anything goes wrong this very minute. We eat and we think we’re eating because we’re hungry. That’s a sign of shallow mindedness. We forget to thank God for the food we eat. If only we could relate to that malnourished four year old on the roadside who doesn’t know what he’s going to have for breakfast much less lunch and supper. It’s the most painful thing to be abandoned, without anyone or anything. A simple scenario; when you’re lurked when chatting on social media you feel like ripping the person apart. Well guess what…..that child has been abandoned for a lifetime. You’re in this world to be empowered by someone to empower someone else. There’s no shame in helping the needy just as there’s no shame in seeking salvation for you soul. Tick tock the clock goes waiting for you to save yourself and others but guess what. The clock won’t tick forever neither will it tock, you’ll eventually run out of time. The most selfish thing you can do is to help someone, you know why?…..the joy and satisfaction you’d feel is enough to get you through any bad news the entire day. To be egocentric is to be mentally myopic.

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