Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media have made us a society of stalkers. Maybe you have realized this already but you didn’t want to stress much on it or maybe you haven’t realized it at all. Profile pictures were once for identity. A simple picture of our face was enough. Then what happened? It became a competition. Our face doesn’t constitute a part of our profile pictures again. We take pictures of our hair, our nails, our clothes, mention them. So I kept wondering, what are we supposed to admire about such a picture?……your clothes? (That is just sad)Again, we have fun to make ourselves happy right? If we’re happy when we’re having fun does that give us an excuse to tell others? Does that mean others should know we’re having fun? Maybe you haven’t realized how pathetic it is but it’s as though standing on a cliff and yelling, “Universe! Watch me, I’m having fun!” (Dumb huh, I thought so to)

It’s very sad when people do that. It says so much about them and how they actually think and feel. It’s happening everywhere now. We take pictures and we post them. Pictures of us eating, learning, swimming or maybe dancing. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I posting this picture? What do I actually want in return for posting this picture?” If you can give yourself at most one tangible reason for posting the picture then you’re the biggest lie yet to be discovered.We broadcast ourselves to the world as though we’re begging for them to compliment us, to judge us and comment on our looks, to pass whatever view they have of us being it good or bad but that’s okay. We all understand. We’re human beings right? We’re insatiable and that’s the truth. We can’t stop no matter how hard we try. It’s the trend now so we just flow with it and if you’d think hard about it you’d realize that has been the indirect cause of the downfall and death of every human being. Since Adam…

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