He is a bird of passage

He is a blessing depending on how you treat him

He is an endoparasite exhibiting commensalism

He is quiet and mysterious

Some people call him a spirit, is he?

If you utilize him in his presence he will leave gently

If you don’t, he won’t announce his departure

He is a heavy leaver, he leaves nothing behind

He forsakes you and looks for a new host

Someone who appreciates him and values him

When he finds that special someone he still won’t care

He will leave when he wants

Why? He is celebrated

People crave him just as they do oxygen

He has people begging him every second for him to visit

Some he goes and some he doesn’t

But when he doesn’t go he sends his brother to go and visit

How nice of him right? Not exactly

So learn to redeem your time with him

He can be the best of friends

And the worst of enemies

He doesn’t have feelings

He’s never emotional, he’s on a mission

He doesn’t know pity or mercy

He is abstract, he’s more or less a figment of our imagination

He is plethoric

If you get him utilize him

Who is he?

He is called ‘LIFE

And his brother, who is he?

He is called ‘DEATH

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